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Pricing For Models With Student

You will be a model for a student that is learning cosmetic tattooing.

All Cosmetic Tattoo Procedures with a student are $150.00 per area.

Being a model allows you to take advantage of the benefits permanent makeup provides, for a reduced price. The process is safe because the trainer is monitoring the student’s techniques and application at all times.

Before a student is allowed to work on an actual person, they must have demonstrated proper technique and application using practice mats.


Supervised Instruction

All procedures are under the full supervision and guidance of our head trainer, Lisa Millington. Procedures are performed by the student, not the trainer. The minimum trainer to student ratio is one trainer to two students.

Color and Shape

The shape of the eyebrows are always drawn on prior to the tattooing procedure. Once you have approved the shape and colour, we then continue onto performing the actual procedure.

Touch ups

Are only done during subsequent training classes.  Please contact Lisa to schedule your appointment and determine availability. There is a fee of $75.00 for each touch up. Whether you require a touch-up  will vary from client to client.

Booking an Appointment

Appointments are usually made only on weekdays during business hours and occasionally on a Sunday. All appointments are booked on a first come first serve basis. You may be placed on a waiting list when you first contact us, depending on the procedure you wish to have done.


If you are interested in becoming a model for cosmetic tattoo, please feel free to contact Lisa on 0437 660 996.

Also follow Lisa Millington on Facebook, as we regularly advertise openings for models. 

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